Friday, November 03, 2006

It could be a long week...

I just checked USPS for an update on when my book will get here. It left California yesterday and will take 2-9 days to get here. Let's hope it's closer to two than nine.
For those of you who are reading and don't know much about me, I'm in my early twenties (by early, I mean middle, of course). I'm just beginning to feel somewhat like an adult. Nevermind that I've been a mother for nearly six years, am working on my second degree, have more than one car payment, a mortgage, a retirement fund, and miscellaneous other "grown-up" things. What has made me start feeling old? Besides the fact that I'm developing arthritis in my knees (thanks, Dad's side of the family) and can now make pretty accurate predictions about when it will rain thanks to my deteriorating joints? Well, it's the fact that more of the people I know and socialize with than not are either married, parents or both. It seems like this has happened overnight. Like bam, all the people I graduated high school with are married and expecting their second child. I know it didn't really happen that way, but I don't live where I grew up anymore, and although I pass through there a couple times a month, I'm not up on the gossip (it's a VERY small town so everybody knows everybody else's business). But, I catch up on it when I go to the annual bonfire that one of my best friends from high school and early college organizes. We used to just hang out around the fire and eat whatever food people had remembered to bring, break a few laws by riding four wheelers on properties marked "no trespassing" and do other normal teenage things (yes, I'm from the South and I've rode ATV's for fun). But, this time, there were more wives in the group, which meant there was hamburgers (with cheese & the usual lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, etc.), plates, dessert, drinks for everyone, napkins even. After eating, we all sat around the fire reminiscing and boring the outsiders (i.e. the ones who didn't go to our h.s. or were a different year in school than us) with stories about the crazy/stupid things we did. I left everyone still sitting there around 11:00 to make the drive back home and was thinking on the way home, "Man, we have all gotten old. When did that happen?" Sitting here right now at the late, late hour of 8:3o, I would like nothing more than to crawl in bed, but out of stubbornness (and a commitment to a post a day), I'm going to hang in there until at least ten or so. Now that's I've posted something resembling writing, I'm going to put my brain in neutral and zone out in front of the tv for a while. See you tomorrow internet.

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