Thursday, November 09, 2006

Day Nine

Finally got my book, personally autographed by Mighty Girl herself. No. 18 in the book is titled Spill Everything and says, "Catalog the contents of a space that isn't ordinarily open to the public." I'm picking my purse...
Let's's some:
a cell phone
couple of pens
a checkbook
Then there's:
the notebook with Wesley's scribbles covering it (a dead giveaway that I'm a parent)
the planner that I forget to use (but feel better for having)
uh, some chewing gum
a nail file
feminine products
a hair band
my Clinique lipstick in Tenderheart (about the only makeup item I buy at a dept. store)
a calculator
a scan card to get in Wesley's daycare
There's my staff ID for work, which comes in handy much too often since I apparently still look like a college student. I take great pleasure in whipping it out to show the lady in the traffic office that I am, in fact, entitled to a coveted staff parking sticker, thank-you-very-much.
Then there's:
various insurance cards
debit card
credit card
very little cash (burns a hole in my pocket if I have any)
some of those McDonald's Monopoly stickers for a free small soft drink. I went to Mickey D's nearly once a day for the month of October and all I won was some stinkin' fries and small soft drinks. I was really keeping my fingers crossed for that 5 mil. and I don't even really like eating there.
Here's a few sticky notes with things like the next lens I want to buy, reminders to catch up on paperwork at home, a quote or two
a bill for the payment on Anthony's Buell motorcycle.
Oh, here's one of my business cards that I have yet to have a reason to give to anyone. My job is mostly that of a bookeeper and the only people who need to call me already have my number. But, they make me feel important since I've never had a business card before.
Here's a business card for a consultant at our local small business development center where I went to talk to someone about starting my own business.
My favorite thing in here is a little notebook I picked up at Target a few months ago. It has sections for an Agenda & To Do list that I'm filling up with quotes and wish lists.
Some things on my wish list...the book Spilling Open by Sabrina Ward Harrison
a rotary cutter (for scrapbooking)
the Eucalyptus Spearmint shampoo that they discontinued from Bath & Body Works (oh, looks like they brought it back - yay for me).
Okay, I'm putting myself to sleep here so I'm going to bid you farewell and go crash.
ETA: I messed around with my blog template today to add the Flickr badge up there and seem to have screwed something up because it won't scroll down to the bottom of the page anymore. If anyone knows how to fix it or is at least willing to help me figure it out, puuhhhllease email me. I'm new to all this stuff and am trying real hard to get things the way I want them on here.


Eva said...

Found you by using the NaBloPoMo Randomizer (! I love how listing your purse contents evolved into small anecdotes about other stuff. I am inspired!

blackdaisies said...

what a fantastic post ... i so need this book :)

its amazing how your purse reveals snippet of you ~ lovely

(surfin the nablopomo)