Monday, November 06, 2006

Day Six

It's a Monday. Monday's are never my favorite day of the week. Today wasn't that bad, actually. But, it was long because on Mondays, I get up at 6 am and get the day started, drop Wesley off at school, go to work, work 8 hours, go straight to class, where my teacher lectures until his entire 3 hrs. 35 mins. are up and get home around 9 pm. So, needless to say, I am tired.
All I really want to say is this, if you are able and haven't already, you need to get out and vote. Regardless of whether you are conservative or liberal or somewhere in between, you should make your voice heard. Some people are so turned off by politics these days that they decide to just stay out of it. But, your vote still has a great deal of power and you should most definitely exercise your right to cast it tomorrow.

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