Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Some more pictures of Trinity & Wesley from the weekend she stayed with us. The motorcycle pictures are of the bike Anthony had for all of 2.2 weeks (or something like that) before he traded it in for a Buell (made by Harley Davidson). (I played with the contrast on the motorcyle pictures so that's why they look like that -- and I guess I should mention that Anthony took the pictures of the motorcycle).

Sunday, July 23, 2006

POTW & Wonderful News!!!

I was having some issues with my photo editing software so I didn't get to post this on Wednesday when I typed it.
I am now the proud aunt of another nephew. Woohoo! Landon DeWayne was born Friday, July 14th at 10:44 pm, weighing 6 lbs. 6 oz. & 18" long. We had driven up to Illinois after work and were there when he was born. We all got to go into the room and see him (the hospital was more lenient about visitors than I've ever seen - not the greatest thing for newborns, but I made sure Wesley and I scrubbed before we got close to the baby) and I got to hold him before we left. We also got to visit with Anthony's Dad, his wife and her daughter on Saturday in MS and on Sunday in Jackson. We also drove to Dover on the way back Sat. to pick up my niece, Trinity, because I wanted her to stay with us for a little while. My mom is keeping her for a week or so for Eric & Jennifer to get settled in with Landon. I took Trinity back to my mom and Wesley to Jody on Monday. Needless to say, my car needs a rest and so do I. But, I had the best time keeping Trinity and got really attached to the little booger. I wish so much that they lived closer. She just melts my heart when she says, "Mimi," her pronunciation of Mindy or, "Wuv you." So, anyways, back to the news....there's more. I found out yesterday that I will be promoted from my current position as a secretary to Business Manager (effective August 1st). Woohoo for me! I've known this was a possibility and that with all the responsibilities I've taken on at work in the last year that I would be getting a promotion, I just didn't know how much of one until yesterday. Comes with a nice raise to and that certainly doesn't hurt :) Without futher ado, here are a couple pics of Landon. The first one is of Wesley & Trinity watching cartoons in the waiting room while Jennifer was in labor. The second one is when Trinity saw her little brother for the first time. And, the last one is of Landon with his mommy.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

POTW...I guess we can keep him

Our downfall was letting Wesley see him and get attached. Within a day or so of them meeting Wesley had named him Ace. His brother has a loving home with one of my co-workers and his two boys. Anthony got attached because of the all white whiskers on a black cat. I got attached just because he's so darn cute. Meet the newest member of our family. For those counting, we have one dog, two cats, and three and a half humans...(just kidding - seeing in you're paying attention). ETA: I guess I should explain how got him in the first place. I was driving home from my in-laws with their chihuahua(sp?), Buffy, in the car b/c we were dog-sitting for them and trying to keep Buffy from crawling all over me when I round a curve and see two black kittens on the right edge of the road a split second before I nearly hit one. I was so sure I had hit one that I stopped and turned around. I got out and called for them (I was nearly in tears at this point). I pick them both up and look them over by the light of my headlights. At this point I still think I might have hit one, but neither are bleeding, they're very tame and out in the middle of nowhere, so I decide to take them home for the night and then see if I can find homes. People drop unwanted pets off all the time in that area, which makes me angry. Anyways, long story short, Anthony didn't want to keep any of them because we already have enough pets, but he finally gave up the, "I guess we can keep him," last night. So, that's the rest of the story.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Hope you all had a fun & relaxing fourth of July. The three of us watched fireworks at Paris Landing (Wesley with his dad) and Anthony & I ate dinner with Sunny & Brandon Hall, Sunny's parents, Russ & Diane Hammonds, and, of course, the triplets. Yes, that's right, I got to see the babies again and you would not believe how much they've changed in two months. The first thing I noticed was how thick their hair had gotten and the fact that they had necks (sounds funny, I know, but at 6 mos. their head just kind of sat on their shoulders). I had such a good time playing with them. They got me soaked playing in their little plastic pool on the back porch - which they love.
Without futher ado, here are the pictures of the week -- fireworks from last night...
If you've ever tried taking pictures of fireworks, you know just how hard it is to get any good shots. I got about 10 or 15 decent ones from about 80 shots. Good thing I'm digitial now! :)