Thursday, April 23, 2009

Videos as promised...

Well, I thought I had some video of both kids on my phone, but it looks like I only have Ella in these (Wesley is taping the last one, at least).

I don't know what it is with children & appliances, but Ella loves messing with the dishwasher. Just the other day she figured out how to crawl up on the door, stand up & hold onto the top basket.

Anthony insists that Ella hasn't really said her first word yet, but I'm convinced her first word was 'bye' followed very closely by 'dada' as evidenced below. She had woken up from her nap & he was gone so she went to the door & was looking for him. I was trying to keep her from seeing me so it's kind of dark, but you can hear her calling for him loud & clear.

Swinging in the backyard swing. This swing has had lots of love because it was Wesley's when he was a toddler. She gets so excited when we walk around to it & will just laugh & laugh sometimes when she's swinging. The girl loves being outside & loves to swing.

All these are from March. I guess I need to get the video camera out a little more. Wesley's playing baseball again so I'll try to remember to get some of him to post here. He's doing so well & has become so much more coordinated just in the last year.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My stint as a model...

Did you know I was once a model? No? Here I am on a billboard ad.

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Oh, you don’t believe me? How about this…

Here I am in a gallery display.

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Still don’t believe me?

Here I am again…

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And, finally, I present to you proof that it was not really Thomas Jefferson in Mount Rushmore, but me. :)

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The above photo fun is brought to you by Photofunia. Check it out for a little time-wasting amusement.

And, along the same lines…

Have you ever had people tell you that you look like so and so? For instance, in high school I was told a LOT that I looked like Alanis Morrisette. Must have been the crazy long, wavy hair.

In college it was Ashley Judd. Maybe it was the chubby cheeks?

In the last few years it has been Katherine Heigl. Chubby cheeks, again? Well, I never really saw the resemblance with any of them until I saw Ms. Heigl in 27 Dresses as a curly-headed brunette. I present exhibit A (a shot of her at one point during the movie where I paused it & went, "Oh, now I see it.")

...and exhibit B (a similar photo of yours truly from photobooth tonight).

Well, hot diggity dog, sign me up for my next job as a movie star look-a-like!

Disclaimer: I’m really not a shallow person – I just think it’s funny when I’m told I look “just like” someone, because I usually go, “Huh?” and have no idea what they’re talking about.

Come back tomorrow for a slew of videos of the kids.