Thursday, March 29, 2007

POTW...such a boy

We're having our bathroom remodeled. So, there's a lot of junk lying around in the house and backyard (a nasty layer of dust covering nearly every horizontal surface in our house - which I'm refraining from cleaning every night because it will just be back the next day) and we have a boy that likes to get into EVERYTHING. So, I'm washing dishes the other night and Anthony comes in and says, "Quick, get your camera." I grab it and follow him to the bathroom and look out our {new} window and see this...
He had crawled in and couldn't figure out how to get back out the way he got in. He eventually just climbed out the top. That's the pile of stuff that has been ripped out of the bathroom. I don't yet have my new vanity installed. Crossing my fingers that I will before the weekend is up.
Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007 less tooth

Before & After
After several days of wiggling his tooth and multiple attempts by myself and his dad to try and pull his first loose tooth, it finally just fell out on Saturday, while he was sitting on the toilet of all places. I was just outside the door and he said, "Mommy! My tooth fell out!" He was so excited aobut the tooth fairy coming to see him that night. I had made a little pillow with a pocket sewn on it to put his tooth in and then for the fairy to put the money in. He doubted whether the fairy would know to look there since his tooth was supposed to be under his pillow, but gave in when I convinced him that it would get lost in the couch cushion (we were visiting my parents). The next morning the first thing he did after he woke up was jump up and check the pillow. Sure enough, the tooth fairy came through and left him a one dollar bill, which he spent the same day on a matchbox car. Now, the tooth fairy is wondering what she should do with the tooth...
For a day or so after he lost it, when I saw him smile it made me chuckle because he looked so funny with that gap in his front teeth.
(click on the pictures to see them larger).

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Warm & fuzzy feelings...

I've always been a 'Daddy's girl' and that didn't change when I got married. I respect him more than anyone else, and I adore the relationship that he and Wesley have together. My dad hates having his picture taken, so I have to sneak them in when he's not looking. In this one, from Christmas, they're hanging out, watching tv. Wesley is a 'Grandaddy's boy' for sure.