Friday, March 19, 2010

McSweeney's Lists

I'll spare you the 'it's been a while since I posted' stuff & just get to the very important, random bit of internet gold I found. I'm using 'important' rather loosely here, and while we're being perfectly honest, I really didn't find it myself either. I saw it linked from a post on Cathy Zielske's blog.

I love lists. I make lists for the usual things like grocery shopping or to-do lists and also for more unneccessary things like movies I want to see, things I want for my kitchen (springform pan, anyone?... no, just me?... okay then), or crafty things I want to make (like a doll for Ella similar to one I had as a child with the buttons, zipper and snaps for her to learn to dress herself). Anyways, because I love lists, I love this site/blog - McSweeney's Lists. Here's some examples of some of the lists: Common Sense Problems to Alt-Pop Song Problems, How to Put on a Sports Bra (I was laughing so hard at this one I was in tears. Sorry, men, but you probably won't get it), My Personal Netflix Recommendation Categories or Toddler Super Powers (one especially applicable to my life right now). So, if you need a good laugh, take a look around. Oh, and tell 'em I sent you. On second thought, don't. They might not let you in if you do.

P.S. Happy Birthday shout-out to my sister, Megan, who is back in the Middle East for her second tour of duty (for the next 12 months) & to one of my oldest friends (not in age, just in how long we've been friends), Justin. Hope you two have a good birthday.