Thursday, May 25, 2006

Picture of the week numero tres

Got home last night and realized I forgot to bring home my laptop so I could post a picture, so here's today's and yesterday's...

The first one is Braden and Jace Brawner, Anthony's brother and his son, at the carnival last Saturday. Isn't Jace cute? He's a sweet baby.
The second one is of Wesley on the carousel. That's Mary Ann and Jace in the background. Jace was loving the carousel until it started moving and then he DID NOT like it. I'm sure it scared him when it all of a sudden started moving. In fact, I think this is only the first or maybe the second time Wesley has ridden on a carousel without me there beside him. One time he got on one by himself and started crying once it moved. The guy operating it had to stop and let me on. Happy Thursday! Maybe tomorrow I'll have something other than carnival pictures.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Picture of the Week Numero Dos

Here's another one from the carnival on Saturday night. Tune in tomorrow for a picture of Jace, mine and Anthony's nephew.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Picture of the week...and oops

Oops...forgot to post one last week. If you had been at my house, you would have understood. We had three t-ball games, a graduation (Anthony's sister), a graduation party (at our house...i.e. mad cleaning frenzy), a visit to the carnival while it was in town, and visiting with Anthony's brother, Braden, his fiance, Mary Ann, and their little boy, Jace (who all live in Seattle, WA). Needless to say, we were a teensy bit busy. So, to make it up to you, I'm going to try (extra emphasis on the try part) to post one a day this week. Here's the first one...

This one was taken by Anthony while MaryAnn & I were on a ride (Anthony & Braden were both too chicken to ride any : ) JK, they both get motion sickness). Wesley is going to be like me. He loves the upside-down, spinning-around rides and would have rode this one, but he was 3" shy of the required height. Maybe next year.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Sunny's & Brandon's baby gifts

Some of you may remember me saying I would post a link to pictures of the secret gift(s) I was going to give Sunny & Brandon Hall and the babies when I went to visit. Well, since I've visited and finally given it to them, you all can look too. Click on the link above (the post title) to see Kynsie's album (and a couple pages from one of the boy's albums). There is only one picture in the album (one I took while she was pregnant). The rest of the pages have spaces for pictures for Sunny & Brandon to add. They loved them by the way. : )

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Picture of the Week...

sorry it's late...I was driving back from Knoxville last night and by the time I got back I was so tired that I just vegged out for the rest of the night. I went to visit Sunny & Brandon Hall and their beautiful triplets for a few days. This is the first time I've seen them in person and (prepare yourself for the gushing) they are the most adorable, happy, all around wonderful babies I've ever known (except for Wesley, of course). They are just precious. All three already have distinct personalities and looks. Kyan looks the most like Brandon, Braylen looks the most like Sunny and her side of the family and Kynsie is a combination of the two. I was so impressed by how well Sunny was doing (not because I didn't think she could do it, more because I imagined if I was in her situation, I would be losing my mind). She is an awesome mother, attentive and an advocate for her children, making sure their every need is met, but also balancing that with knowing you sometimes have to put your foot down for their benefit. All this is evidenced in how happy and healthy they are. Without further ado, here are some pics I took at a mini photo shoot while I was there....



Kynsie (I was making her laugh -hence the wide-eyed look).
I think you'll have to agree that they are just adorable.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Picture of the Week...

The first two are of a car that belongs to Anthony's boss. Look closely at the picture of the wheel and you can see me, Anthony & Molly in the reflection. The second two pictures are from when we went bowling with Megan (my sister), Eric (my brother), Jennifer and Trinity (my niece) the weekend Megan was home before flying to Germany. We didn't get to go to Trinity's birthday party so we gave her gift to her at the bowling alley. She is just such a cutie. She loves Dora the Explorer and one of the things we got her was a Dora bath doll. Every time Anthony would touch it she would scrunch up her face and give him a look and say, "Mine!" For some reason she didn't want anything to do with him, which is so funny because every other time she's been normal with him. She sure didn't want him touching her toys that night, but she didn't care if me or Wesley played with them. She and Wesley had so much fun chasing each other around and bowling. I wish my brother lived closer so I could see her more often.
Picture of scores taken by Anthony.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

picture of the week rained out...

potw will have to be postponed until tomorrow...i'm still in my office working on a project for one of my classes that is due by midnight (might be my best procrastination work yet) and all my pictures are on my computer at home. check back tomorrow night and i promise i'll have a new one up. happy tuesday!