Monday, May 22, 2006

Picture of the week...and oops

Oops...forgot to post one last week. If you had been at my house, you would have understood. We had three t-ball games, a graduation (Anthony's sister), a graduation party (at our house...i.e. mad cleaning frenzy), a visit to the carnival while it was in town, and visiting with Anthony's brother, Braden, his fiance, Mary Ann, and their little boy, Jace (who all live in Seattle, WA). Needless to say, we were a teensy bit busy. So, to make it up to you, I'm going to try (extra emphasis on the try part) to post one a day this week. Here's the first one...

This one was taken by Anthony while MaryAnn & I were on a ride (Anthony & Braden were both too chicken to ride any : ) JK, they both get motion sickness). Wesley is going to be like me. He loves the upside-down, spinning-around rides and would have rode this one, but he was 3" shy of the required height. Maybe next year.

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