Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Our little MVP

As promised here are pics from Wesley's first t-ball game. For those interested, his jersey number is 11 and his team's name is First State Bank (don't ask me what the M on his cap is for...Martin, maybe). If any of you want a schedule of his games just email me or leave something in the comments and I'll email one to you.
The first one is Wesley diving to catch a grounder (playing shortstop). The other boy running toward the ball is Joshua Parham. Joshua and Wesley have been in the same daycare class since they were six weeks old, and their birthdays are less than a week apart. They have become like brothers, either they are fighting like cats and dogs or they are the best of friends. In the second one, Wesley is playing pitcher and catching a grounder.
All in all, I was really impressed with the two teams. I was expecting a few kids to skip bases or run the wrong direction, but there was none of that, only a few comical moments. Once when they were going back on the field I looked up to see Wesley's (very long) shirt untucked and his hat on backwards. He hates keeping his shirt tucked in and I can sympathize. Anthony has a pet peeve about caps being turned around the RIGHT way. I'm sure some of the other parent's got a good laugh out of me standing up on the bleachers and hollering, "WESLEY, turn your hat AROUND!" Wesley had a good time and is excited about his game tonight.
Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

An apology...

Sorry I forgot about the picture of the week on Tues.; been busy this week with getting ready for Wesley's first t-ball game this Sat., his kindergarten screening, going to a business conference in Memphis for a day, finishing up a presentation for one of my grad classes, visiting with my sister, Megan, before she left for Germany (she finished AIT last Friday, got to come home for two and a half days and flew out for Germany where she'll be stationed for at least two years, although she will undoubtedly serve some of that time in Iraq) plus all the usual busyness of a job and a family. So, all of that is to say I didn't just neglect you, I had a good reason for it slipping my mind. I promise a picture of Wesley in his t-ball uniform next Tues.
Here's a picture of my mom, Margaret, Megan and me after her basic training graduation back in November. Hard to believe she's a grown-up now and not just my baby sister anymore.
And, if you know Sunny & Brandon, mosey on over to their blog to see some recent pictures of the triplets and their perfectly squeezable chubby cheeks (there's a link over on the right).

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Picture of the week

This was taken just a few minutes ago. Wes was riding his bike around the front yard and I made him stop and pose for a second so I could take his picture. Right now we're sitting out on the porch on the swing, enjoying the nice warm weather and waiting on supper to cook.

ETA: The picture was inspired by the photography of Miss Tara Whitnaay. http://tarawhitney.typepad.com/me/

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

In honor of

I thought it was kind of neat that today was the only time for another century that the clock could read (at 1:02:03 am) - although I think it happens twice in a century, once in the am and once in the pm, but Anthony argues that it's 13:02:03 in the pm. So, anyways, for this monumental occasion I thought I would celebrate by posting cute pictures of the munchkin that I took yesterday (notice the smudges of dirt on his face and that fake smile in the second one). I would have posted them at 01:02:03, but I was asleep in the am and at work in the pm.
One thing I'm loving about going digital (don't know why I always say 'going digital' like it's a new galaxy or something) is the instant gratification of seeing my pictures the second after I take them. I haven't gotten any printed yet so I'm wondering if opening up the prints will be as fun as it used to be when I didn't know what they were going to look like.
So, happy 1-2-3-4-5-6 day! Oh, just think, in June we can have happy 6-6-6-6-6-6 day. I'm sure all of you just cringed reading that. Okay, enough blogging, I've got to get some sleep.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Picture of the Week

The first one is Wes playing ball with his dad, Jody, this past Sunday. I even jumped in for a little game of woofelball (sp?) and you would have thought I had run a marathon I was so winded from running after Wesley. That was one heck of a wake up call...I need to exercise because I am majorly out of shape.
The second one is a lot less fun. This is just one illustration of what happened here in West TN on Sunday. I think the death toll has gotten up to 20 in just the state of TN now, but I'm not positive. Lots more have been injured and I read somewhere that about 1,200 structures were damaged in Gibson Co. alone. I keep hearing more stories of people's families who were either killed, hospitalized or their homes horribly damaged. I saw a news report that over 62 tornadoes touched down over the Southeast (I don't know if that means 62 individual ones or 62 touch-downs). I say all of this not to wallow in the horror and devastation, but to say, please keep the people of West TN and the other states affected by this in your prayers as they really need them right now. I am so thankful that we were protected.
So, that's my picture of the week.
ETA: A little bird asked me, "Ahhemm, are you going to give credit for the picture your husband took that's on your blog?" My talented husband did in fact take the picture of the truck and I adjusted the contrast and such before loading so I must give credit where credit is due.