Thursday, April 20, 2006

An apology...

Sorry I forgot about the picture of the week on Tues.; been busy this week with getting ready for Wesley's first t-ball game this Sat., his kindergarten screening, going to a business conference in Memphis for a day, finishing up a presentation for one of my grad classes, visiting with my sister, Megan, before she left for Germany (she finished AIT last Friday, got to come home for two and a half days and flew out for Germany where she'll be stationed for at least two years, although she will undoubtedly serve some of that time in Iraq) plus all the usual busyness of a job and a family. So, all of that is to say I didn't just neglect you, I had a good reason for it slipping my mind. I promise a picture of Wesley in his t-ball uniform next Tues.
Here's a picture of my mom, Margaret, Megan and me after her basic training graduation back in November. Hard to believe she's a grown-up now and not just my baby sister anymore.
And, if you know Sunny & Brandon, mosey on over to their blog to see some recent pictures of the triplets and their perfectly squeezable chubby cheeks (there's a link over on the right).

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