Friday, May 12, 2006

Sunny's & Brandon's baby gifts

Some of you may remember me saying I would post a link to pictures of the secret gift(s) I was going to give Sunny & Brandon Hall and the babies when I went to visit. Well, since I've visited and finally given it to them, you all can look too. Click on the link above (the post title) to see Kynsie's album (and a couple pages from one of the boy's albums). There is only one picture in the album (one I took while she was pregnant). The rest of the pages have spaces for pictures for Sunny & Brandon to add. They loved them by the way. : )

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Sunny said...

They are UNBELIEVABLE! I cried when I opened them. They are so perfect with all of these cool gadgets that scrapbookers would totally understand, but i have no idea what they are called. There are hidden pocket things and ribbon pully things. I LOVE THEM! Mindy is so thoughtful. She knows I would never have the time or ability to make these. She even wrote what size picture to put in the empty places. They are great!
We love you Mindy! Happy Mother's Day!