Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Hope you all had a fun & relaxing fourth of July. The three of us watched fireworks at Paris Landing (Wesley with his dad) and Anthony & I ate dinner with Sunny & Brandon Hall, Sunny's parents, Russ & Diane Hammonds, and, of course, the triplets. Yes, that's right, I got to see the babies again and you would not believe how much they've changed in two months. The first thing I noticed was how thick their hair had gotten and the fact that they had necks (sounds funny, I know, but at 6 mos. their head just kind of sat on their shoulders). I had such a good time playing with them. They got me soaked playing in their little plastic pool on the back porch - which they love.
Without futher ado, here are the pictures of the week -- fireworks from last night...
If you've ever tried taking pictures of fireworks, you know just how hard it is to get any good shots. I got about 10 or 15 decent ones from about 80 shots. Good thing I'm digitial now! :)

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