Monday, November 13, 2006

Day Thirteen

Today, on my blog, 5 random things.
1. Happy Birthday to my Daddy!
2. The view from my kitchen window this weekend...
3. I'm operating on three hours of sleep. Why, you ask. Well, because I had a test in my class tonight, and I'm a master procrastinator. I don't play around at procrastination. No, I waste an entire three day weekend doing nothing all that productive, not even cracking my Economics textbook until about 10:30 pm on Sunday night (which, incidentally, is my normal bedtime). Then, I drink caffeine and surf blogs for about thirty minutes before I finally start studying. I do that for about three hours before going to bed, where I lay awake for about an hour because the caffeine is still in my system.
4. I really want Mario to win Dancing with the Stars, although I think Emmit deserves it more.
5. I used to absolutely abhor the color it makes up approximately half of the new clothes I buy. Not sure what happened there.

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