Thursday, November 02, 2006

More Halloween fun

Here's Wesley again (as "Mr. Incredible") and me (as "Wesley's Mom"). I think I make a really good Wesley's mom. Don't you agree? Pardon the quality...I didn't get any of the both of us with my camera so this is a scan of the picture the church gave us (they put on Fall Fest every Halloween with lots of games, hayrides, dunking booth, etc. and lots of candy for the kiddos).

Can you tell I already don't know what to write about? Looks like it's going to be a long 30 days. All I can really think about lately is how very much I miss my husband and want for him to be home (he's on a business trip to Vegas, lucky guy). Most of the women I talk to about him being gone for business regularly have been married a lot longer than us and think the reason I miss him so much is just that we're still newlyweds, and I guess in some way, we are. But, when they say that, what I want to respond with is this, "I hope and pray that I feel the same in ten, twenty years when he is gone from me for a week at a time as I do now. I hope I still feel like a huge part of me is somewhere in Nevada and that I ache for him to be safe and sound at home with me. I hope I still have to sleep with pillows on both sides of me when he's gone just so I can get to sleep." I would never say those things out loud to them because it implies things about their marriage that might hurt them. I know somewhere inside them they want to have the same kind of fulfilling marriage that I want to have, but at some point along the way they gave up on a dynamic relationship and settled for something a little more ho-hum and a little more "realistic." I certainly don't judge them for their marriage, because if there's one thing I've learned over the past two years, it's that marriage is a LOT of work, no matter how prepared you are for it, no matter how well you know your spouse or how much you adore him/her, no matter what, it requires an enormous effort from both people to go beyond just working to flourishing. Well, I suppose I just went from having nothing to say, to having something to say...see you again tomorrow, same place but likely not the same time.


Wayne said...

My wife and I have been married for five years, together more than that. When one of us travels, there's a mutual period during which we're relieved for the solitude. That lasts about a day, two days tops. Then we're crazy missing each other again.

Mindy said...

In all honesty, I do have the same thing where for a couple days I enjoy the peace & quiet. But, once that day or two is past, I miss him something fierce.
Thanks for commenting, Wayne.

April said...

Jeff doesn't travel much but I miss him when he is at work and I am at home without anything to distract me from thinking about him. In April we will be together for 7 years (5 of those married) and I miss him more now than I did when we were first together. That's how you can tell you have a strong relationship. I hope it doesn't go away either, but I really don't think it will anytime soon. I am glad that you are that much in love too. We picked "the ones".

Nicole said...

Well as you know Shane travels...Alot! Oh and he is also in Vegas right now...isn't that funny...they might run into each other. Anyways, Shane travels all the time whether it is to a foreign country for 6 months to a year or now that he is non-deployable he travels all over the country for a week or two at a time. I miss him before he ever leaves the house to go wherever it is that he is going. We have been married for 5 years also and it has been the best 5 years of my life. I have also found "the one" and when I found him I knew immediately that he was the one that I was going to be with for the rest of my life. I am glad that we all get to enjoy the happiness of a strong and wonderful marriage....the only thing that I am missing that Mindy has and April is going to shortly be experiencing is the wonderful world of Motherhood! Hopefully soon...well in the near future at least...I will also be enjoying that also.

Mindy said...

That is ironic that Shane & Anthony were in the Vegas at the same time. I'm happy that my friends are starting to have babies. I love being a mother (at least 99 days out of 100) :)