Sunday, November 19, 2006

Day Nineteen - Batman Returns

When the alarm goes off this morning, Anthony protests that he's too tired to get up for church. I had stayed up late last night working on a scrapbook, so I don't put up much of a fight. So, we go back to sleep and doze on and off between Wesley coming in to ask for breakfast or jump on top of us wanting to wrestle. Finally, Anthony gets up to go work on the brakes on his 65' Rambler. I stay in bed and go back to sleep. Then, I guess about an hour later, he comes back in and walks around to the side of the bed I'm facing and whispers, "Wake up." I open one eye and look up at him, which he takes as a sign I'm awake. He launches into an update on how the brake work is coming - he's found yet another problem with them. I look up at him, face scrunched up, and say, "Did you wake me up just to tell me that?" He says, "No, I woke you up so you could see Wesley," and nods toward the other side of the bed where Wesley is playing a racing game on the playstation which is hooked up to the tv in our bedroom. I roll over and see Wesley in the cape & belt from his Batman costume (from last Halloween) and his red pajama pants with no shirt, deep in concentration trying to beat his opponents on Gran Tourismo. He's so cute when he plays video games because he not only pushes the buttons to steer; he also moves the controller back & forth through the air as if that will affect anything. I wish I had taken a picture so you could see how funny he looked. He's not one of those kids who likes to play dress-up a lot either, which makes it even funnier (at least to me). You'll have to settle for a picture of him from last year in full costume & just use your imagination from there.

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