Friday, May 15, 2009

Document your weekend

Saw this on Ali Edwards' blog this morning. I took a class she taught a couple years ago at CKU Nashville called A Week In the Life where you document your everyday life in pictures & by recording the little details like what you ate that day, what you worked on, etc. Even just two years out it's neat to look at the album & see what our life was like pre-Ella. I would encourage you to try her challenge for the weekend even if you're not a 'scrapbooker' - you can post the pictures on your blog or just stick the prints in a picture album & add some little 3x5 cards behind them recording the details of your weekend.

If you do participate, come back here & post a link to your blog/flickr account/etc. & share your 'Weekend in the Life' (I just made that up) with me. I'd love to learn more about you.

As for me, I will start this afternoon after I get off work because that's when our weekend rituals usually begin. I will at least post my pictures to flickr for you to see - maybe even post the pages/mini scrapbook I make from them here as well.

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