Friday, May 22, 2009

Conversations in the Car, Chapter Two

This was a conversation between Wesley & I had one afternoon a few weeks ago. We were leaving Rural King & saw the store owners (I'm assuming) walking out to a helicopter parked (do helicopters park?) beside the store. It looked like they were getting ready to leave so we waited for what seemed like forever for them to start it & take off. It was pretty cool. As we were leaving...

Wesley: That was so cool!
W: You know, you can't roll down the windows on a helicopter
Me: No, you can't.
W: So if you puke, you have to puke in a bag.
M: You are correct. *laughing*
W: But I wouldn't puke.
M: You wouldn't?
W: No, cause I'm not afraid of heights.

I thought it was so funny (& kind of gross) that I made a scrapbook page about it...

that diagonal line on the layout isn't there IRL (in real life)
it's just from having to scan it in two separate parts since the layout is 12x12 & my scanner is not

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