Thursday, February 07, 2008

Update III...

They took me completely off the mag today. I feel so much better - no double vision or trouble breathing. I had some mild contractions, but they weren't too concerned with them. I'll have another ultrasound in the morning to see if there has been any change in my cervix. If there hasn't been, they're going to discharge me to go home to be on bedrest for at least another week. The doctor here seems to think that if my doctor at home sees me in another week & there still hasn't been any changes that she might let me resume normal activities. After 34 weeks they probably wouldn't try to stop labor, they would let her be born. I'm 33 weeks one day today, so that's only six more days. I'd rather her stay in there until 37 weeks so she's not born premature.


OKeedokey said...

Oh my goodness Mindy. I'm so glad you are ok and the baby girl is ok.

I know this is a busy time, but I wanted you to know I've tagged you.

Go to my blog for directions.

sunny said...

Update when you can. I have meant to call you all weekend, but when I finally had time, it was kind of late. AND--I dont have your 'home' email address anymore. Still praying for you.

Who feels guilty for not calling and will try to be a better friend in the future (read:tomorrow) by calling her preggo friend Mindy. :)