Thursday, February 21, 2008

Her room...

Clockwise from walking in the door of her room (what used to be our dining room - it has french doors on the north & south end, a door on the west side that opens into the room we have our pool table in and a door on the east side that opens into our room)...

On the west wall, the changing table &...

the guest bed (with our packed bags, diaper bag & car set ready to be taken to the hospital).
On the north wall, one set of french doors (with almost-finished curtains that my mom helped me alter - to block out all the light).
These are two prints I'm going to hang above her crib on the east wall.
Her crib.
Also on the east wall, her swing & bouncy seat.
On the south wall, the armoire, her toy basket & the other set of french doors.
What's in the armoire... lots of pink!And, back to the west wall where we started, the glider rocker & boppy pillow.It's quite cozy in there (read: cramped) with all the furniture & equipment, but it's pretty much ready for her to make her appearance.

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