Friday, August 07, 2009

She's becoming a talker

Ella has a few words in her repertoire now.

She's been saying these for at least a month or two:
Ball - "bahl"
Uh-oh - "huh-hoh"
(She was saying "da-da" for a long time, but she stopped a few months ago & has taken to calling Anthony & pretty much any other caregiver as well as Wesley by "ma-ma")

Just in the last couple weeks she's added:
Kitty - "ki-ki"
Shoes - "dues"
Ow - "ohww"
Thank you - "de-de"
No - "nahh"

I got her to say most of them in these videos. Warning: she bumps her head on the desk in the first one, but she's okay. Oh, and we let her play with the (non-toxic) highlighter because she likes taking the top off & putting it back on, but we don't let her put it in her mouth.

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greg said...

thank you so much for doing this. i enjoy these so much

thank you