Monday, August 03, 2009

Dancing Queen and other videos...

Ella loves to dance. She cracks us up every time she does it, too. I think Anthony & I could be entertained all night just watching her boogie down in the living room. Here are a couple videos of her doing her thing to Dave Matthews Band and to some bluegrass music (Anthony even joined in for that one - shh, don't tell him there are videos of him dancing posted on the internet).

Here's one just for Sunny. She sent these squeaker shoes for Ella to wear. They're still a little bit big, but Ella loves shoes so I put them on her one day. This was her reaction...

I don't think I'll be sending her to daycare in those any time soon. Her teachers might want to kill me if I did.

Like I said, the girl loves shoes. We had to go shoe shopping for shoes for Anthony a few weeks ago. We didn't find any for him, but we left with a pair for her. We found out that you don't 'try' shoes on Ella unless you intend for her to wear them out of the store. She usually has to ride in a buggy in stores so she was really happy that she got to walk around all over the store in her new (slightly too big) shoes.

Disclaimer: that fall at the end of the video looks way worse than it was. This one was a few seconds later...

And, a couple from when Anthony's dad was visiting last month & the kids were playing in their new pool and on the slip n' slide.

Sorry about the video overload. I had a lot that I needed to upload and post.
I'm hoping to get a new video camera for Christmas so I won't have to use my dinky cell phone one anymore.

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greg said...

if anthony had some of those shoes he might me okay. it looked liked ella was tring to do some moon walking. thank you for puting these on your site.

love greg