Monday, August 24, 2009

The price you pay for having a daddy's girl

I'm pretty sure it's worth it to him. And, I have a feeling he'll be joining many a tea party in the future. But, shhh, don't tell him I posted these on here.

I used to feel a little bad that Ella favored me over Anthony. She wanted me when she was hurt or tired. She only gave me kisses. She wouldn't go to sleep for him. But then... then I weaned her & it's been all down hill for me since then. She did a 360 is all about daddy all the time now. Except, if you listened to the video of her talking, she doesn't call him daddy. She calls him momma. When I tell her no & she pitches a fit, guess who she goes running to? And when she's exhausted and weepy about everything, guess who can get her to stop crying? Not me. She would stand at the window & watch him mow the yard for hours (if it actually took that long to mow it). Is it wrong that I'm a little jealous of how much she adores him now?

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Sunny said...

little stinker. you are being punished for taking away the mommy milk. they are too smart. anthony is a good sport. oh--and I would totally be jealous too.