Thursday, January 29, 2009

Missing in action...

If you have ever wondered why Wesley seems horribly under-represented in the 5,372,804 pictures I have taken over the past year, this is why...

La, la, la - Just taking some everyday pictures of Ella - nothing going on here.

Hmm... Wesley's watching her, maybe I can sneak in a picture of him.

Okay, that first one wasn't so great, but maybe I can get another without him noticing. (#1 & 2 below - click to see it larger).
Well, stink! I'm caught.
And, this is what ensues from that point on - an elaborate attempt to escape without being photographed successfully.

He did give up this one, and it would have been pretty good if it hadn't turned out blurry.

Oh, well, the mamarazzi lives to stalk her son another day. At least now you know what I'm up against.

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