Friday, October 05, 2007

Apples & Oranges & Prizes, Oh My...

Last week my newsletter said the baby was about the size of an apple (I'm guessing they mean a small one) & this week it says it's about the size of an orange (~4" long & ~1.75 oz.). The length is from head to rump so it doesn't count the legs.

I can feel him/her swirling about occasionally when I get really still, like at night when I'm laying in bed. This morning, as I was sitting at my desk working, I felt a very distinct kick. If my hand had been laying on my belly in the right spot I think I could have felt it from the outside, too. But, that's only the second time I've felt anything that strong.

We have a couple portable ultrasound machines here at work (for use in ultrasounding cattle for meat quality, not for obstetrical reasons). This afternoon I got one of the professors who is a friend of mine (and is a vet) to drag one out so we could play around. The machine is probably as old as I am so we weren't expecting much. So, we put a little gel on the wand & put it against my belly and start moving it around trying to find the baby. It took us a few minutes, and then we're both like, "Oh, there's the head...that's definitely a head....Oh, Oh, there's a hand, and a spine.....Oh, you can see his little heart beating." It was very cool. You can go back in my posts and see the last ultrasound I had, the baby just looked like a blob. I can say for sure that he/she now has two arms & two legs & one head. My friend was joking around and she said, "Wouldn't it be neat if we saw two heads." I was like, "No, that wouldn't be neat." I would freak out if I found out that I was having twins when I was just playing around with an old ultrasound machine out on a farm (and without Anthony there), especially since we only saw one at 8 weeks. It had its legs curled up to it, but we could see it moving its hands around above its head and in front of its face. I hope it cooperates at my next ultrasound in Novemeber so I can stop referring to it as he/she & it.

I've started a baby pool on ExpectNet where you can enter a guess as to what the gender, weight, birthdate, etc. will be. I'll have to think of something good to give away as a prize to the person who wins. You don't have to register to enter, just make sure if you want to be eligible for the prize that you put enough information in that I can figure out who you are. Have fun! Click here to play (if it doesn't take you directly to the page where you can guess in our baby pool, then you need to do the following: in the box to the upper left that asks for game name, type: BabyVega, hit enter & it will take you to our page.)

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