Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I love lists. I'm a complete organization freak (not in practice unfortunately, but at least in theory for all of you who have seen my house in the last year). I crave order and sparkling cleanliness. It is a craving that I rarely get to satisfy at home. Anywho, back to why I was posting this. I have become addicted to blog surfing. It all started with Ali Edwards' blog. Ali is big in the world of scrapbooking and one of those people that I think it would be so cool to be friends with. From hers I found sooo many more, including Tina Barriscale's. Her post yesterday was about lists. She gave a top five list titled "One reason I'm glad it's fall again. aka - the hottest men on TV." This reminded me of how much I love lists, but since my hubby might get a little jealous if I posted about other hot men (or at least I would if he posted about hot women), I will create a different, slightly more generic list (although I have to say I agree with Tina's #2).
Five Reasons I Love Autumn:
1. Rainy, cold weather = lots of naps on the weekends
2. Sweaters, sweaters and more sweaters (I think this stems from being made fun of when I was a kid for my hairy arms - I wanted to wear long sleeves year round to cover them up - altogether now, "awwwww." I'm much less sensitive to Harry and the Henderson's remarks now)
3. Hot chocolate, chili, soup and lots of other hearty things to eat/drink
4. The smell of the leaves on the ground and the cool, brisk breeze rustling the leaves.
5. No more mosquitos - they are horrible at our house for some reason.

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OKeedokey said...


You and I are meant to be soul mates!! I love love love fall. I too was teased b/c of my hairy arms, so I always wanted to wear long sleaves. (I don't remember yours being bad by the way)