Tuesday, October 04, 2005

feeling better...

So, this week is going slightly better. I'm feeling less sorry for myself and worrying more about my grandparents, two of which are in the hospital right now and a couple more that just got out of the hospital. I am trying to do a better job at work, which oddly enough makes me like work better. If I feel like I accomplish something it seems like less of a waste of time.
We found a home for Mae (the beagle). A nice lady who saw a picture I posted of her at our vet's office came to look at her last night and decided to take her home. She said their dog of over ten years passed away about six months ago. Wesley didn't get upset at all. I told him before she got there that she might take Mae and he was okay with it. Then again, he didn't like her that much. He still asks if we can have 'black Mollie' back (because she's a black lab and our other Molly is a yellow lab/golden retriever mix - in case you were wondering). So...we are finally down to one dog and one cat and one child :)
Posted a new profile picture that my hubby took of me a couple days after I 'chopped' my hair off (as my dad says) - pretty good pic for an amateur, huh? Yes, Sunny, I forgot to tell you I cut my hair. You can't tell much about it except that it's short.
I guess that's all for my rambling today.
Happy Tuesday!

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