Thursday, September 15, 2005

Say bye to Mollie #1

We finally found someone willing to take one of our rugrats (one of our many dogs that is). They seemed very nice and responsible, even brought a brand-spankin'-new leash with them to take her home with. She, of course, was licking them and running around the yard like usual. I was trying to get them what they needed as fast as possible - I'm a fan of the 'rip-the-bandaid-off-fast' method. Just get it over with. So, they've asked all the questions, gotten her shot records and I'm ready to be over with it because as much as she is a pain sometimes (chewing EVERYTHING and I'm not exaggerating), I think she is a beautiful animal and very friendly. We shouldn't have gotten in the situation we were in with so many pets, but you live and you learn. Anyways, back to saying goodbye...I was thinking I had better let Wesley say goodbye, so I call him over and say, "Give Mollie a hug and say bye, she's going to live with someone else now." No sooner did the words get out of my mouth than he starts bawling, not just whining, I mean sobbing, with his body shaking when he takes in a breath. I have to unwrap his arms from around her neck, pick him up and take him in the house and hold him in there until I see them finally drive away. The guy that took her was saying, "If you don't want us to take her, we won't," and "If he doesn't stop crying and you want us to bring her back just call us." I'm thinking all the time they're chatting with Anthony and Wesley is sobbing, "Can't you see we've already made the decision, just take her and go!"
Anyways, we had a rough time with giving her up. Wesley is still a bit upset about it. I guess I should realized he would need more time to get used to the idea. I have already started preparing him for when we give Mae to someone.
He was so funny. When we were discussing it later that night he was like, "I wanted them to take the yellow and black dog." (This is a neighborhood dog that thinks he lives at our house). I said, "Honey, that's not our dog. We can't give him away." He says, "But I didn't want them to take Mollie, I want them to take that dog."
I have to say I miss her head popping up over the wall to greet me when I pull into the carport every day.


Sunny said...

there is a way to delete and block the spammers. Brando can tell you how to do it, but you may already know this.

later gator!

OKeedokey said...

that story made me sad. Maybe pictures of our sons together will help us feel better! :)