Monday, March 09, 2009

As promised...

Pictures of Ella's birthday party...

Some of the decorations - this was after the party. Wesley was in such a rush to get things cleaned up (can't remember now why) that I didn't get a picture with all of it up.
She opened presents first (in her pretty party dress). Don't mind the red mark on Ella's cheek - she had a run-in with a shelf at daycare the day before & the shelf won (perfect timing for her party).
Of course we had to play with some of her new presents for a few minutes...

Wesley was doing more playing with them here than Ella - for some reason she wanted to sit on my father-in-law's feet & posing for the many cameras pointed at her.

Her cake *before*

Ella *before*

During... She wouldn't grab a handful (only little ladylike pinches of the frosting) so I helped a little. She thought it was some good stuff. (Click to see larger)

Ella *after* - She had a little cake facial going on.
A few seconds after this shot she wiped her eyes with her hands like she does when she's tired & got icing in her eyes & started crying so cake time was over.

The cake *after*

Many thanks to my sister, Megan, for taking these photos & Sunny for shooting the video so Anthony & I could focus on Ella.

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OKeedokey said...

how sweet!
I love the phrase, "Cake facial"