Monday, August 14, 2006

POTW...First Day of Kindergarten

Well, today was Wesley's first day. Don't worry, I didn't cry. I started to and it really took some self-control to not do it, but Anthony was with me so that made it better. Wesley was all dressed up in new clothes from head to toe and raring to go this morning. We took a few pictures in front of the house before we left. Anthony wanted me to leave him in front of the school with all the other kids that had already gotten off the bus or been dropped off, but I wouldn't. So, we walked him to his classroom where two of his classmates were already there, Kelton (a boy he went to daycare with) and another little boy. We helped him find the peg for his backpack. He took out his folder like he was supposed to. His teacher showed him where to put his lunch money, and he put his folder in the bin where it's supposed to go (Ms. Debbie will put notes and things in there each day for us to look at and help him with...which reminds me, I haven't looked to see what's in there for today........I'm back...he has a sweet note from his teacher about some of the things he did. He got a smiley face for the day [which means he did good - that's her behavior system - straight means not so great & sad face obviously means he had a bad day]). She said he was "a good listener....[and] a bit wiggly during rest time..." That's my Wesley....wiggly.
I'm sure he got tired of mine and Anthony's questions this afternoon when we picked him up. We probably sounded like detectives grilling a suspect..."and then what did you do? Did you like that? What was next?" He sounded like he had a big time. I asked him just now what he thought of his first day of kindergarten and he said, "I we was going outside to play & it's being a long time until we go out and's just fun, okay?" You can see where my precious five-year-old boy's priorities are?! :)

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