Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Photo Tuesday again...

Happy Anniversary to me and Anthony (about 2 months early)! Anthony has been wanting to get bikes for a while so we can all three ride together. Wesley is itching to ride somewhere other than the stretch of sidewalk directly in front of our house, and it would just be fun to be able to ride around Sharon. So, upon my suggestion that instead of going away for the weekend for our anniversary like we did last year, maybe we should buy each other a bike, he decided we shouldn't wait until August, that we should buy them now so we could enjoy the summer weather and get a little exercise (we both are in bad need of that). We headed over to Wal-Mart on Saturday afternoon, picked out our bikes, came home and took a ride around the block before we went to a little get-together with our Sunday School class. Anthony's is the one in the foreground with the red seat and mine is the one with the pink lettering (of course). I just snapped some shots on Sat. when Anthony was taking all the tags and stickers off and didn't get an overall shot of them, but they're bikes so you get the idea. And, I kind of like this shot anyways...looks like the bikes are intertwined, like mine and Anthony's lives (I know, how cheesy is that??? - give me a little break. It's about two hours past my bed time.) Anyways, so far, we've gotten up early and rode about two to two and a half miles two out of the last three mornings. I'll let you know if we're still doing it by the end of the summer.

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