Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Another annoying quiz...

Well, not really annoying, just another quiz. I'm usually not one to take all those quizzes people email you (although I used to be, back in h.s. and early college when I wasn't aware of how much free time I really had - now I have too many things that need to be taken care of to take quizzes).
Saw this one on Karen Russell's blog, My Life...just not on the road I expected (but it's still dang good) and copied it. Thanks, Karen, for providing goof-off material for my lunch hour :)

I am: learning to cherish the little things in life & stop sweating the small stuff.
I want: to be skinny again & to have more babies (in the future).
I have: plans for this afternoon to take Wesley to the movie Cars…his second time seeing it, my first.
I wish: life didn’t feel so much like a balancing act.
I hate: it when my days starts off in a funk because it’s so hard to get it going in a good direction after that.
I miss: my friends who have moved away…I’m not so great at long-distance friendships.
I hear: nothing…everyone’s gone to lunch.
I wonder: when I’ll actually feel like an adult – at 23, I still don’t.
I regret: not trying harder at things…classes, relationships, work, etc.
I am not: outgoing.
I dance: at home when no one else is there to laugh at me…except myself.
I sing: in the car all the time, usually when I’m alone so I can blast the radio.
I cry: when I’m really mad, at weddings, during sad movies…
I am not always: confident in myself…I fake it a lot.
I make with my hands: lot of things for the people I love – quilts, cards, scrapbooks – I’m very ‘handy’ (and also not good at telling jokes that aren’t cheesy) : )
I write: in my journal sometimes (used to be better about that) – used to also write creatively for fun.
I confuse: people when I give directions, just ask Anthony.
I need: to be loved & appreciated.
I should: go on more trips to places I want to experience.
I start: way too many things for one human to actually finish (see “I make with my hands”).
I finish: most of the stuff that I start. It’s sometimes late (either by my own deadline or someone else’s), but it does eventually get finished.

Feel free to copy and paste on your blog with your own answers.

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OKeedokey said...

Thanks for sharing Mindy. I love it when people are honest and real.