Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Megan's senior pics

Here are a couple of my favorites that I took this weekend of my sister, Megan. She only had formal shots done last summer for her senior pictures so my mom wanted me to take some casual shots of her. I am slowly adjusting to the fact that she will be in the army. I was messaging a friend today and came to the realization that maybe the reason all this is so hard for me to accept is because she's an adult now, making adult decisions. I remember her being little and me protecting her... teaching her.... yes, even bossing her around. The best way to explain what I'm feeling is that it's almost like what I'm going through with Wes... I am proud of who he is becoming and loving every stage he goes through, but a big part of me is sad each time he leaves a stage behind because I know he'll never be an infant or a toddler or a little boy again. I have a hard time letting go... of people, of moments, and I guess of my sister's childhood. Deciding to serve your country is such an adult thing to do. I am in awe of her courage and am proud that my sister is going to be defending my freedom. I guess I feel like the tables have turned. I've always been the older sister, the more mature one, and now I'm looking up to her. Anyways...this was just supposed to be a post to show off her pictures...


Megan Higgs said...


Thanks a lot sis. I'm looking at your pictures and all then I see mine and I read what you wrote..and I can't help but cry. AHH..emotions. wow, my older..of course bossy..sister is saying that she is now looking up to me?! Now, that'll make you cry. The pics are okay. You did a great job..it was the material you were working w/..lol. Anywho. thanks for everything sis. I love you!! And even though you may be looking up to me..you will ALWAYS be my big sis! but about this blog thing ..i like it.
love..your lil sis,
PVT. Courtney M. Higgs

(he he)

Anonymous said...

oh i see..mindy. don't even write anything back to me that i wrote to you!! lol
I love you sis,
PVT Courtney M. Higgs...lol