Thursday, May 29, 2008

A great big brother...

Wesley has impressed me with how he has moved easily into the role of big brother. He really loves Ella - as evidenced by:

  • He hates to hear her fuss or cry & will make sure Anthony or I do something to make her happy when she starts - I think this is partly because he doesn't like the sound of her cry since he covers his ears when she really gets upset.

  • He's interested in her daily routine - "Is it time for her to eat?" "Is it time for her bath?" "Are you changing her diaper?"
  • He likes playing with her & her toys - or maybe he just likes playing with her toys : )
  • His car seat is in the back seat with hers & he'll move her sunshade on her car seat to make sure the sun isn't in her face (without me even asking him to) & he'll put her pacifier back in her mouth when she spits it out.
  • He gets her things when he's gone to his dad's - he got her some baby sunglasses with a strap that holds them on (she did not care for those much when I put them on) & asked his granny (Jody's mom) to make her a baby blanket when she was making one for Jody's brother & sister-in-law.
  • He asks to hold her (usually when we're visiting people & someone other than me or Anthony is holding her).
  • When he gets to daycare in the afternoons he goes to her room to "check" on her (which I think is oh so sweet).
  • He has dealt with not being the center of attention like he used to be fairly well and he seems to have matured since she was born.
  • And, he gives her kisses & hugs before he goes to bed at night.

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The Smiths said...

Wesley is such a great brother. It seems just like the other day that he was just a baby and we were having you a baby shower at University Courts. Wow how time flies by so quickly.