Tuesday, March 28, 2006

To my two readers...I'm still alive.

I doubt I have any readers besides April and Haley, so I won't waste time apologizing for my negligence since I've already emailed both of you with my lame excuses for not updating in a very long while. Since I'm currently procrastinating on studying for my finance exam, I'll just cut to the good stuff....pictures. The first three are pictures of the newest 'additons' to our family (our family of vehicles that is). The car is a 65' AMC Rambler which Anthony drove back from Pennsylvania in the snow in. The truck is an 86' (I think) Chevy Silverado that he traded his S-10 in for (which didn't have enough room for all three of us to fit in comfortably and did not have a/c - two things that this truck does have). He agreed to sell his El Camino for the Rambler. I also have a new toy....a new digital camera, my first one. I've haven't had it for a week yet so I'm still learning about it, but it is a hoss (for lack of a better expression). I was like a kid on Christmas morning the day it came, all giggling and giddy. All of the pictures below were taken with my new camera - just goofing around and trying to get the feel of it. The first one is of Anthony torturing our dog, Molly and the second is one of Wesley playing with some of his matchbox cars in his room. That look on his face is the "I know you're taking pictures of me, but I'm pretending not to notice and trying not to smile" look. I mentioned to Haley that I'm going to try to do a photo a week for a while and see if I can keep up with that. So, until next week...buh, bye.

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